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yeh. i haz lotta deevz :la:


yeh. i has lotta favz! :la:


So it's that time again! Hopefully you're coming here from the description in my YouTube video. If not, I recommend you go watch it!

Well I won't beat around the bush, lets get to the rules! 

First of all, I will draw almost anything and anyone for you, SFW or NSFW. But when it comes to NSFW, the only things I will never draw are as follows:

Bullet; Orange BODILY FLUIDS: As in the gross ones. You know. piss, scat, vomit, the works. regular sex fluids are fine. ^-^

Bullet; Orange STINKS: Like smelly feet, farts, burps whatever. Nothing against you if you like them, I just don't get what's hot about them. So I can't capture it in art form. T3T

Bullet; Orange DIAPERS: This one is just a pet peeve of mine. I'd just feel dirty drawing it. ^^'

Bullet; Orange HARD VORE: To me, hard vore is anything that has to do with swallowing or digestion. Mouth/tongue play and mawshots are fine.

Bullet; Orange MOUTH GAGS: I'm really sorry about this one. I know a lot of people like it, but i have a serious fear of mouth gags other than handkerchiefs... Forgive me! 

There's a few more that i can't seem to think of at the moment. Just ask me about it if you want to commission me. 


Bullet; Red PAYMENT: I take payment through paypal only. It's the easiest method for me. ^-^ since my commissions have been known to be a tad pricey, I now take a 50% down payment before I start the commission. Once the commission is finished, you can pay the other 50% and I'll send you your finished commission!Email Send 

Bullet; Red DOWN PAYMENT/CANCELATIONS: As I mentioned above, this method is intended to be easier on you, but that's not the only reason I do it. The other reason because the down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is so that if you decide to cancel your commission before I've completed it, I will at least be paid for my efforts. If you do cancel though, by extension, I have full rights of sharing and distributing the image. 

Bullet; Red PRICE HAGGLING: Don't do it. Don't try to bargain with me on getting a cheaper price. I spent a long time figuring out a fair price for my time and effort. By trying to bargain with me for lower prices, you're showing me a great lack of respect. My prices are final. If I lower them for you, I have lower them for everyone else. Don't ask me to. (On a similar note, don't try to pay more to have your commission moved higher on my completion list. It's disrespectful to the other commissioners.)Chainsaw 

Bullet; Red CONFIDENTIALITY: As a rule of thumb, I never give out the name/username of my commissioners unless given permission. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so. I will respect your privacy. But this is a two way street. Please respect my privacy as well. You may uncover some personal information about me. I respectfully ask that you don't share it without my permission. If you choose to do so, it will result in immediate termination of your commission.Heartbreaker  

Bullet; Red CHANGING STYLE: This one is more of a personal peev.:stinkeye:  I'm sure there are plenty of artists out there that you like and maybe you've gotten commissions from some of them. Please don't ask me to change my style to fit that of an artist you know. I may be versatile, but I also have a set formula when it comes to making art. Please be respectful of that

Bullet; Red CHANGES: If you're a bit picky (a perfectionist) that's fine! So am I in fact! If you'd like to see a draft of my work just to get an idea for where the commission is going, I show drafts upon request. Not everyone is satisfied with the first draft and that's perfectly understandable. So if you need me to change something or start over, that's fine too! HOWEVER, there's only so many tries I can do and keep my sanity. So, you only get three Do-Over's from me. Any Do-Over after the third try will cost you. And I won't make changes unless I receive the payment. Dollar (US) 

This is basically common sense and common courtesy, but I'm just going to say it for my benefit. ^-^

Bullet; Blue BE PATIENT: I know how hard it is when you're waiting for something you REALLY want. Trust me. It sucks. Unfortunately, I'm just one guy and I only have so much time to work on these commissions. I can't stress this enough! PLEASE be patient. Don't keep messaging me day in, day out, about how your commission is coming along. Turbo poke  I know you're excited and really want to hear about it, but please. Be respectful and don't constantly ask me about your commission.

Bullet; Blue BE RESPECTFUL: I'm assuming that you understand what this means. lol Thumbs Up  

:squee: Thanks again, and Stay Sexy! :squee: 

Youtube video regarding additional info for commissions:…

Rules and Guidelines: (Coming soon)

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